Who We Are

Comprehensive Life Planning Services for Special Needs Families

As a community of special needs families and expert professionals, our team at Eli’s Village is dedicated to walking beside you — through every stage of life.  With proactive planning, detailed assessments, holistic care and personalized treatment, we’re your support team to live the life imagined.

Eli’s Village is not just a network of professionals and resources. Our village is your full-time support and management partner.

We’re here for one purpose. And that is to be alongside you and help you navigate the intricacies of life management and life planning as a special needs family.

To us, you are family and we’re committed to being your village of support and your choice family office.

We offer personalized planning services helping you and your family, to live the life imagined.

As a full and comprehensive team of expert professionals, we work with you to alleviate the stresses of life by providing customized services and resources including:

  • Private Special Needs Case Management
  • Government Benefits Integration
  • Respite Care Coordination
  • Planning and Coordination of In-Home and Community-Based Supports
  • Financial Planning & Wealth Solutions
  • Legal Planning – Will, Trust, Guardianship, IEP Advocacy, Etc.
  • Tax Advisory and Filing
  • Independent Trustee and Trust Planning
  • Estate and Succession Planning
  • Family Advisory – Staffing/Services
  • Individual Philanthropy
  • Microboard Development and Implementation

Our Story

Starting as a vision, now creating empowering lifespan plans through private case management.

We understand the frustrations that come with balancing schedules, finding helpful resources, staying organized and figuring out the right network of professionals as a special needs family.

We understand because we are part of exceptional families ourselves. And this helps us be the support team you need for you and your family.

Building A Village

It all started when our Founder and Co-Director, Kristin Carleton, learned her son, Eli, was diagnosed with agenesis of the corpus callossum when she was 19 weeks pregnant.

Realizing that Eli might need lifelong support, she started a conversation.

And that conversation led to the creation of Eli’s Village.

Eli’s Village is the place where Kristin’s family — and families like hers — can find lifelong support. At Eli’s Village, we ensure exceptional families have access to the case management, clinical, professional, community and financial support they need throughout their lifespan.

Our Co-Director, Dr. Kathy Matthews, as a mother of an exceptional child herself, offers more than 20 years of experience with exceptional families and individuals through nonprofit work, university experiences and, now, Eli’s Village.

What makes Eli’s Village especially important to her, is providing the opportunity to change the way people approach lifespan planning by creating a holistic, inclusive and comprehensive model.

Bringing that experience to Eli’s Village, our team has combined expertise in private case management, clinical services, financial planning and finding you the best network of services with our exclusive partnerships.

As your lifetime support and family office, we use a holistic approach to find the right solutions for your family, making us the only family office that offers clinical planning in our suite of integrated solutions.

We’re committed to learning as much as we can about your family, creating a comprehensive lifespan plan with clinical, financial and legal, and tax planning solutions for our exceptional families.

Our Core Values at Eli’s Village

Providing solutions, building strength, investing in success and creating lifelong partnerships.

We value teamwork and partnership. This is why we work diligently and persistently, no matter your family’s needs, to provide every resource needed for your family’s future.

As your family office for life, our certified professionals use the person-centered approach to empower every single member of your special needs family. With versatile services and a passion for finding the path to your life imagined, Eli’s Village offers comprehensive plans to cater to your specific needs.

Our adaptable special needs planning allows us to identify and develop a life plan that meets everyone’s goals and needs, hopes and dreams.

We operate as your conduit for:

  • Providing accessible solutions
  • Investing in long-term family success
  • Bridging gaps with our experienced network
  • Strengthening lifelong relationships
  • Building personalized and comprehensive life plans
  • Creating unmatched partnerships

We are more than a one-time service. We are your family’s private case management office for life.

Every step of the way.

At Eli’s Village, our network of professionals and helpful resources help guide you on the journey towards living a life imagined.

Meet Our Team

Kristin Carleton, AAMS

Vice President, Financial Planning & Investments Co-Director, Eli’s Village

Kathy Matthews, Ph.D.

Vice President, of Family Support and Services Planning Co-Director, Eli’s Village

Charles (Chuck) Clement, CLU, CPCU

President, Business Planning, Operations, Eli’s Village

Our Partners

As a family office model, Eli’s Village is a central resource for you. Your family will partner with special needs experts necessary for managing every part of your families’ life.

Helping Every Exceptional Person & Their Families Live the Life Imagined

At the end of the day, Eli’s Village provides a model for lifespan planning that operates on only the highest quality of holistic, inclusive and comprehensive services. 

We’re here to define a path that helps exceptional families reach collective and individual goals. By diving deeply into the needs of your family and being adaptable to adjustments and changes along the way, we walk alongside you on a path towards success.

55 million +

People had a severe disability in 2014.


Of children in the US had a disability in 2014.

7 million +

Children in the US had a severe disability.

Take Your First Steps Toward a Life Imagined

Raising your special needs child comes with tremendous joy as well as unique challenges.

Let Eli’s Village help you focus on your family’s success. Schedule a consultation to realize the life imagined and start creating a lifetime of memories.

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